When I was asked about my dream profession as a kid, my answer was "Entrepreneur".

Jenna Venäläinen

Pikku Gubbe Music Club, Founder

Jenna Venäläinen

I’m Jenna Venäläinen, the founder of Pikku Gubbe Music Club based in Helsinki. The goal of the company is for children to develop a curious and fearless relationship with art, especially from a musical perspective. We want to develop music teaching in a more creative and experimental direction.

My story goes something like this. When I was asked about my dream profession as a kid, my answer was ‘Entrepreneur’. Did I know what it means? Well, no. Do I know now? Not completely. On the other hand, does anyone know? And that’s the best thing about it – everyone can define it for themselves.

I graduated as a Master of Education and have worked as a teacher and as a sole trader in a multidisciplinary research community at Kuuskulman Tapaustoimisto. Currently I work for an education export company as the Head of Video Unit and a pedagogical expert. All work that I have done so far has shaped my thoughts about entrepreneurship, about myself and about what’s coming next.

Entrepreneurship allows you to work in your own way.

I see entrepreneurship as freedom. Entrepreneurship allows you to do a wide range of things, be responsible for your own schedules and projects, and work in your own way. The entrepreneur decides how to use their working hours, as they know that they are fully invested in their work. I am aware of the risks associated with entrepreneurship, the administrative tasks, and the uncertainty, but the freedom and potentiality to be fully responsible for what you do is worth it.

As an entrepreneur, you can work with people who share your passion. I am setting up a music club for 3-6-year-olds called Pikku Gubbe with my music pedagog friend. This project also culminates my thoughts on entrepreneurship in a way: things don’t have to be done the way they have always been done, but instead creativity thrives when you get to try doing things in your own style!

As an entrepreneur, you can work with people who share your passion.

An entrepreneur is always at work, but an entrepreneur is also always free. When the responsibilities and decisions are all yours, your perspective on work is also different. I think it would be possible for me to bill everything through my own company. The flexible combination of entrepreneurship and paid work is also of interesting. Entrepreneurship can always be shaped to reflect the needs and ambitions of the individual entrepreneur, and choices do not have to be lifelong. Entrepreneurship is a personality, a state of mind and a passion. And these can be found in anyone! You just must get to know yourself first.

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