Paths to entrepreneurship are limitless. Get inspired by real life stories told by entrepreneurs who run their own businesses.


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Entrepreneur & Consultant

"You don’t need to be perfect to start something; you just need to start."


CEO, Hair by Auri

"Failure is real but embrace it. No one gets it right on the first try."


Managing Director, Sisu Digital

"Freedom requires you to be disciplined and self-motivated."

Eija and Jo

Founders, Jolie Lounge & Café

"If you start a business with your friend, it is crucial that you agree on the common rules for your partnership."


Founder, Lempihetki Oy

"Entrepreneurship can be about something very simple, and many times doesn’t need a great amount of investment."


Founder & Group CEO, HUONE

"As an entrepreneur, you’re on a rollercoaster ride and there’s bound to be bumpy patches."


Founder, Florence

"You need to be very perseverant not give up even during the hard times."

Henrik & Johannes

Founders, Droppe

"Advice for all entrepreneurial minds: just to go out there."


Founder, Kamupak

"All entrepreneurs play a crucial role in building a more sustainable future."


Founder, Karjalan Kelo

"There is no one-size-fits-all guide to entrepreneurship."


CEO & Founder, JoSa Consulting

"If you are not ready to fail or accept failure, then you are not ready to succeed."


CEO beyond arctic

"Even after some hardships, I still recommend entrepreneurship to all."


co-founder, Oladesign

"Entrepreneurship is a very rewarding career choice."


Founder, FloweRescue

"One of the toughest lessons about entrepreneurship is that sales can make it or break it."


Treenimiks tmi

"Even the nice things turn into stress if you do them too much."


CEO & Founder, Meru Health

"For me, mental health is far more than just business."


Founder, Urofysio

"Don’t give up when the first hardship comes your way."


Founder, Redanredan

"Entrepreneurship is the most versatile job there is."


CEO & co-founder, HAVU Cosmetics

"The whole job is about becoming an expert on a new topic every day."


entrepreneur & creative director, Foodin

"Listen and learn from others, but only do things that feel good to you and are right for you."



"The most important thing I have learned is that there isn’t just one way of being an entrepreneur."


co-founder & creative director, Monochrome

"Start a business with someone you can trust 100 %."


Founder, Ugly Cookie

"Even if you don’t want to become an entrepreneur, I encourage everyone to adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset not only in our work but overall in our lives."

Milla and Efe

Founders, Femma Planning

"With the help of our own company, we can be involved in building a future in line with our own values."


CEO & Co-founder, calqulate

"Entrepreneurs can set an example of how to increase diversity, multiculturalism, equality and inclusion in society."


CEO & Founder, Särkifood

"I’m a better person after this journey, that’s for sure. "


Founder, Remake

"My best tip for other aspiring entrepreneurs is not to do it alone!"


Founder, Laavu Performance

"You are not your company – you are just the one building it."


CEO & cleaner, Koti Puhtaaksi Oy

"The support network is the most important thing for entrepreneurs out there."


Founder, Luomuhonen

"Getting started requires a few people who believe in you and your idea, but the most important thing is your own will. It can get you through even a grey stone."


CEO & founder, Resistomap

"The good thing is that you can always learn and often entrepreneurship is just that – learning on the fly."


Anttoni Aniebonam


co-founder & CEO of Veri (Human Engineering Health Oy)

"I think the people you work with are at the centre of everything."

Arto Sivonen


Måndag, Founder

“The myth about entrepreneurship being rough is false. It can be if that is what you want to make it.”

Carita Peltonen


Metsä/Skogen, Founder

“Sustainable business is the only option for the future.”

Cyrus Jebraeil


Polaris Kielipalvelut Oy, Founder & CEO

“It's rewarding to successfully build something of your own that benefits the entire community.”

Dakota Robin


Diversity & Connection Expert

"Anyone can be an entrepreneur. If it sounds like something you would like, just go for it and try."

Faisa Egge


Amanihoiva Kotihoito Oy, Founder & CEO

“I want to have an influence on things every day.”

Jenna Venäläinen


Pikku Gubbe Music Club, Founder

“Entrepreneurship is a personality, a state of mind and a passion.”

Jenni Alava


Alava Shop, founder & CEO

"There are entrepreneurs in my family and my desire for entrepreneurship has always been strong and it did not disappear when I went bankrupt on my first attempt."


founder & CEO of Kokku

"It is easier to paddle in a storm if you know which way you are going."

Jukka Jokiniemi


Innojok, Founder & CEO

“Getting fired eventually proved to be the biggest stroke of luck in my life.”

Karin Nars


Dinolift Oy, CEO

“Everyone can be an entrepreneur.”

Laura Vatanen


Partners at Noste, Founder & CEO

“In entrepreneurship, only the sky is the limit – and your own courage.”


Dagsmark Petfood Oy, Co-founder & CEO

“Without crazy courage, nothing new would ever emerge!”

Naomi and Wanda

Naomi & Wanda

Ataá Agency, Co-founders

"Representation and different role models are the key to young people being able to pursue bigger dreams."


Seidat & Buorre, Founder, CEO & Co-founder

"As an entrepreneur, you have a different kind of an opportunity to change the world."

Pinja Ekola


Siivouspalvelu Ekola, Founder

"Not all of this has been easy, but blimey, those successes feel good when they come."


student, entrepreneur, co-founder, The Modest Online

"We live in such a fast-paced world that if we don’t take action right away, someone else will get there first."

Priscilla Osei


Studiopeee, Founder

“Don’t wait till you know Finnish before you start your own business.”



Gubbe, Co-founder & CEO

"The idea for senior services stemmed from my own grandmother, who is over 90 years old and lives alone."


founder, Vöner

"I wouldn't change a day."

Tarnjit Saini and Sanni Ishfaq

Tarnjit & Sanni

StepOut, Co-founders

Entrepreneurship was the only way forward for us to be able to make a difference while creating value.

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