I Started This campaign breaks the myths and stereotypes around entrepreneurship and inspires more and more people to try entrepreneurship – no matter the background or experience.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur!

Our world is in transition. The current COVID-19 situation has significantly changed our society and caused a rise in the layoffs. Simultaneously, new entrepreneurs are urgently needed to address the big societal challenges of our time, create more jobs for the future and to lead the existing companies as the current generation of entrepreneurs in Finland is aging. However, there are still many limited attitudes towards entrepreneurship that affect our thoughts about who entrepreneurship is for and what it entails – and who considers themselves as potential entrepreneurs.

That’s where I Started This jumps in. I Started This challenges stereotypes and myths around entrepreneurship, updates the entrepreneurship discussion to the present day and encourages everyone to consider entrepreneurship regardless of their background and starting point. I Started This showcases entrepreneurs who share their honest stories about why they became entrepreneurs, what they have learned during those years and what is still driving them forward. Together they break entrepreneurial myths and paint an interesting picture of what kind of people entrepreneurs are and what are their views on entrepreneurship.

People behind the campaign

#IStartedThis campaign is run by Inklusiiv. Our mission at Inklusiiv is clear: to create and share knowledge about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and to support organizations to transform it into action.

In our community, we share knowledge and best practices, conduct research, organize events, and carry out different projects and campaigns on diversity, equity and inclusion. We also collaborate with different organizations to influence decision-making in our society with the goal to make working life more diverse and inclusive.

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